Mobile Internet is becoming more common

Surfing the Internet by making use of mobile broadband is becoming more common in Sweden. Since a few years the number of mobile broadband subscriptions paid-in height, and today this solution to internet almost as common as a fixed broadband subscription and is according to a survey conducted by the National Post and Telecom Agency, 56 percent of all subscriptions for Internet services in the country. As many as more than one in four people have access to mobile broadband in their home.
Flexible options

The development is based on a combination of the 3G network since early 2000 has been expanded more and more in Sweden and that more and more consumers realize the benefits of not being tied to one place in order to have access to the Internet. We simply want to be able to surf in places other than just in our home and this is something that mobile broadband offers in contrast to alternative fixed broadband.

Thanks to operators today offer both improved coverage for their clients and increasing surfing speeds, it has become very flexible to surf with mobile broadband. By always be able to have access to the Internet, if coverage is available, you can use it on the train, in the summer house, in the car on the way to sommarstugen or at other times when you are traveling. Maybe you know to take the computer and plug together with your classmates in a café or clear the inbox on the way home from work!

Mobile Broadband to the caravan and camping site

Camping in the wild with Mobile Broadband Is it time to pack up the kids and everything else you need and take you out on a little summer vacation ? Have caravan and want to find an internet option that fits well even on the move ?

Choosing mobile broadband is a good and flexible  options. Today, Sweden has about 99 % coverage of the regions people live , which means you can browse the most seats. How good possibility you have to connect to and what speed you get is dependent on which operator you use, the date coverage you have for your network, and how many other people are using the network simultaneously. As the camping plastics often not in the big cities , it may be interesting to check the coverage of the different operators for different areas. This information can usually be found on their respective websites .

There are several mobile broadband to choose from. Most operators , however, offers more or less similar products, so in the end it should be what your needs are when it comes to broadband . Have you , for example fixed broadband at home? Then an option with prepaid cards to be a flexible option for an occasional vacation. Pre-paid bind you up for any specific period of time. Have you however mobile broadband solution already going to bring their service on the trip.

The next question is how much you want to pay and for how long. A simple comparison between different providers of mobile broadband can be found here on our site . Please note that your rates are stay in Sweden . Have you thought of going on holiday abroad , you should contact your supplier for current prices and opportunities to use your broadband in another country. It is best to check prices by an operator in the country you plan to visit and buy a prepaid card there. It’s almost always cheaper.